Tracing a Missing Person

 Maybe it’s because of the difficult economic times we are experiencing, that the numbers of personal and company debt is rising; thus it is essential that you make contact with your customers quickly before they “skip” their address and move on - owing you money.

So if you are looking for:

                      • A lost family member?

                       Tenants that have departed with arrears owing?

                      • Are you wanting a divorce but your husband/wife has moved address and you

                           have no idea where they are to serve divorce papers on them?

                      • Are you looking for a potential witness required to appear in court but have no

                           address in which to serve the summons or obtain a statement?

Whatever your reason we can provide a tracing service where any of the above can be located.


We provide a "no trace no fee" service meaning if the respondent / witness is not located; there is no charge to yourself.

The minimum information required for us to attempt to trace is:

         1. Full name

         2. Date of birth

         3. Last known address

Traces can take up to 28 days to complete, however we provide a service where by the information can be obtained within 10 days at an extra cost.       Please contact us for a quote.